My name is Flávia Rodrigues Piątkiewicz.
I was born in Portugal.
Since childhood I’ve been engaged in various fields of art, with a predominance of visual arts. At first there was drawing, painting … with time, there came also the turn for photography. I try to connect and interweave all these areas together with moving images; short video forms or stop motion animation. I seek to develop works in which everyone can find a point of interest, but above all in which I can find myself.

For five years I developed my skills at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland.
In 2015 I graduated with Rector’s distinction from Professor Piotr Welk’s Multimedia studio.
In 2017 I completed my Masters Degree in the faculty of Media Art with the final grade of very good from Professor Krzysztof Olszewski’s Intermedia studio.

CV available upon request.

Feel free to get to know me better by seeing my works. Enjoy.


Other places where you can find me:


Every photo or image You can see on this page is made or co-made by me.
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12 thoughts on “About

    • I’m happy to know you found me through community pool :)))
      To be honest I wish someday I’ll upgrade this blog cause it doesn’t work exactly how I would like. Then, definitely it would be more professional, by now I treat it more like a visual diary where I can share my stuff.
      thank you for passing by and sharing your feeling about it. however, I have a tumblr too. ;)

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your advice. :)
      I know it would be perfect if I do that, but taking into account that image is for me the best, most natural and spontaneous way of expression; sometimes it’s hard to “translate” it into words ,)
      but I’ll try more!


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