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  1. Found it! (A way to leave a comment)
    Another question to you – Why don’t you attach a short description/ thought that is related to the painting? Of course the viewer can interpret it to their own want, but sometimes it could be fun to see what the author was thinking when creating it. Just a thought.


    • It’s not the point of it.
      when I paint something, I paint what I want the way I wanted to. there is no meaning behind that; it is the way it is, the way I wanted it to be.
      When you write something, you write it the way you wanted to, there is no such thing like “what the writer was thinking when creating this phrase or that text”. sure, everyone is free to think about that (and I like it when people share it with me) but being the creator, that is not my point… to translate an image into words.
      what I mean is that painting, as a form of expression, is as valid as writing or anything else.
      as I said before, this is to see and feel, rather than read and interpret ;) there are things that are not made to rationalize, but just to feel.
      P.S.:if I wasn’t clear feel free to keep asking questions (:

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      • I love that you engage and explain instead of getting offensive.

        Actually, yea, there are pieces (poetry, for example) which a writer writes feeling a certain way and then the reader can interpret it differently. Personally, I really like reading the writer’s thoughts after I have my own to see the piece in a different light. Not better or worse, just different, which expands my horizons.

        I interpret things. That’s me. Sure, not all paintings are easy to explain, but they sure evoke emotions. So I thought it would be fun to see what you felt when you were painting this, before or after. Just my thoughts. But I know understand your side of the story more. Thanks.
        P.S.:I followed, if you haven’t noticed, because your personality speaks to me.

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        • :) I’m thankful for your understanding. words were never enough for me (as a creator). for me painting/drawing etc is way better.
          you know, what I feel before/after or wile I’m painting is something much more ephemeral then the work that remains. and it is important only for me mostly because it is subjective, much more than the work itself. besides that, to say or write what I feel is pointless, and like I said, words are not enough.
          thanks a bunch ;)

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