“The photography borderlands”


Academy of Wilanów and Academy of Fine Arts would like to invite to the exhibition “The photography borderlands” of students at the Photographic Techniques Studio at the Department of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw


The exhibition is open from 12th till 20th of May 2015 at Orangery of Wilanów Palace.
Opening hours: 9:30 – 16:30.

Opening of the exhibition: 11th of May, 18:00

The authors of modern works:
Anna Bakalarska Robert Bogumił Mariusz Grabarski Nadia Issa Paulina Jędrzejczyk Karolina Kant Julia Karasiewicz Agnieszka Krzyszkowska Agata Kryś Iza Niemira Monika Płusa Flavia Rodrigues Piątkiewicz Magdalena Skibińska Paweł Wroniszewski
Curator of the project Mariusz Widerynski, Ph.D

The principles of this exhibition has been a clash of two worlds of analogue and digital photography in its all aspects: technical, technological and intellectual. It concerns also vintage and alternative photography techniques. At the turn of the 19 and 20th century it was looking for the possibilities of painterly quality of new works, therefore it was closeness silver picture to the vintage art areas. Today, it is rather looking for new possibilities and means of expression in building of author`s tradition, it is more an artistic way of expression than simple borrowing. The exhibition will consist of two integral elements: • Multimedia presentation of photos from the first half of 10th century coming from museum and private collections, made in vintage and alternative techniques. Among 160 works there will be the most interesting works of Władysław Bednarczuk, Tadeusz Cyprian, Marian and Witold Dederko, Bolesław Gardulski, Franciszek Groer, Edward Hartwig, Aleksander Krzywobłocki, Janina Mierzecka, Henryk Mikolasch, Jan Alojzy Neuman, Kazimierz Podsadecki, Witold Romer, Klemens Składanek, Józef Świtkowski and many other made by the most outstanding Polish artists.

• The authors of modern works made in alternative photographic techniques are young artists, studying in Warsaw ─ the Academy of Fine Arts` students. Here we show the above average realizations which have been created on the classes of Mariusz Wideryński, Ph.D and Iza Niemira in original Photographic Techniques Studio at the Department of Media Art in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Photograms shown on this exhibition were made in 2012─2015. Among 65 works we can find realizations in cyanotype technique, hand covered silver emulsion, rubber chromate, callitype and combined techniques, modified by an author, often connecting other areas and fields of art. Here you can admire realizations made under Wilanów inspirations. Thanks to such exhibition`s construction viewers will be able to answer the question if using in artistic work old techniques and technologies is only the imitation and duplication of the things that had existed before or it is only an inspiration which confirms some continuity in art.
curator of the project

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